Sitting at the corner of Central and Lafayette in the shadow of the Pink Palace, Saint John's Cemetery is a beautiful space nestled in the heart of Memphis. Large crape myrtles and towering oaks cover the landscape, and red brick walls provide a backdrop for this restful setting. We invite all Episcopalians looking for more information to request a walkthrough tour(stephen [at] stjohnsmemphis [dot] org).

Saint John's Cemetery offers both inground lots and columbarium niches. There are single depth lots and double depth lots available, the latter offering significant savings. All inground lots have concrete vaults already installed, which further reduces the price for lots, compared with other cemeteries in the area. Purchase of inground interment rights includes the preinstalled vault, opening/closing expenses and a bronze marker on a granite base. Niches are also available in the columbarium, which are appropriate for cremains and provide a simple, smaller scale option. Perpetual care and beauty of the cemetery grounds and lots are assured by a permanent trust. Sale of lots is open to all Episcopalians. We currently house family lots from across the Diocese of West Tennessee and beyond.

Saint John's Cemetery began sometime during the decade of the 1870's as a small Baptist cemetery.  When the Baptist church moved farther east some years later, they abandoned the cemetery.  Saint John's purchased the cemetery on December 7, 1979.  In 1982 Saint John's completely restored the beautiful wooded grounds, built a brick wall and wrought iron fence around the entire cemetery, constructed a wrought iron gazebo on the grounds, and cleaned and re-set the historical markers dating back to veterans of the Civil War.  The earliest burial that can be identified by existing markers in the cemetery is that of William Lee Lowery, eight-year-old "son of W. B. and S. E. Lowery," who died September 12, 1877. Today, Saint John's Episcopal Cemetery is beautifully landscaped with towering oaks, flowering shrubs and seasonal flowers.  

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