Fr. John Announces Retirement Feb. 2018

In a special message to Saint John's parish, Fr. John Sewell announced his retirement, effective Feb 1, 2018.

An excerpt from the message:
"Like all plays, life has Acts. My first Act was busy, chaotic, looking for the theme, learning lines, managing life onstage. Act2 was fun. I moved around the South, mostly. Worked in 5 parishes. Mastered the rhythm of hatching, matching and dispatching. As time passed, I learned the real work was the Cure of Souls... Last October, I realized that Act3 was beginning..."

Fr. Sewell is thankful for the "many kindnesses" of our church family and this community over the years. It will soon be time for him to move fully into Act3 and discover what that will become. As in times before, another adventure is beginning.

We wish him all the best and look forward to our own next adventure in the coming year.

The Rev John Sewell TWP
The Rev. John W. Sewell
The Rev Robert L Van Doren Jr Square
The Rev. Robert L. Van Doren, Jr.
Senior Associate Rector
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Dr. Brian Campbell
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Dr. Bruce Smedley
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