Sunday Morning Adult Classes - 9:15am

August 19-September 30

Track I: BibleHow to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian I: Old Testament. Using newly discovered archeological and literary Biblical research by theologian Dominic Crossan, we will explore those most difficult Biblical passages to understand—especially those which depict a violent, repressive God.
Led by the Rev. Dean Taylor

Track II: Spirituality:  Sabbath Time:  Prayer and Practice:   Have you reached the end of your weekend exhausted by the busy-ness of screens, carpools, to-do lists, and all the demands of the 21st Century? Do you long to just stop? To have a few minutes of uninterrupted QUIET? If so, consider spending a little time exploring the ancient practices of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina. This class will provide some basic instructions and then invite participants simply to relax into the silence and contemplation of time with God. No previous experience necessary. Drop-in’s welcome!
Led by Lain Whitaker Ryder

Track III: Family:  Shepherding A Child’s Heart: Raising Good-hearted Children in a Hard-hearted world.  Based on hard-learned insights from author and parent Tedd Tripp, this class offers parents some time to discuss together some of the challenges and frustrations of parenting, and practical ideas on how to be the best parents they can be.
Led by Abbay Milnor

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