An Introduction

As part of the SOULWorks process as Saint John's, we choose to re-connect with the literature of our faith, including the Bible, writings of the church fathers, and other works that help us explore our faith and speak to our questioning hearts. 

The topics range from academic books on scriptural analysis to guides on the ancient practices to more personal discussions of faith. Some have been tackled by a large portion of the parish; others have been used by small groups in a more intimate setting.

We welcome you to join in our study and be a part of the conversation.

The Great Bible Challenge

The community of people at Saint John's chooses to focus on coming together to read the Word of God as a direct pathway to spiritual growth and deeper faith. We believe that spiritual development is impossible for a Christian without immersion in the Bible. Individuals of all ages and families are invited to read the Bible together, on the same schedule, in order to foster conversations of faith and practice and to develop spiritual maturity. We invite you to be a part of that journey. Reading guides and schedules available. 

Learn more on our SOULWorks website. 

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SOULWorks Lecture Series

The SOULWorks Lecture Series is an annual presentation at Saint John's by a leading biblical or theological scholar. It is held each year around The Feast of Our Lord's Baptism, the second Sunday in January. Each year, we use their work as the foundation and syllabus, of sorts, for our Adult Education classes in the months following their visit. This series actively supports and strengthens our call to enrich our biblical understanding through studyWe have previously had such distinguished guests as Dr. Sandra L. Richter, Dr. Ben Witherington III, and The Rev. Jay Sidebotham.

Read more at our SOULWorks site.

Ancient Practices

As part of our process of spiritual renewal that we call SOULWorks, Saint John's found a need to ground ourselves in the ancient practices of the church, those that came about before the global institutions of the Christian church existed.

Dive deeper into these ancient practices and their role at Saint John's on our SOULWorks site

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