Phase Three - In Progress

Gathering Names

  1. Position is listed as "Receiving Names" on the OTM (national) database, the Transition Ministry Newsletter, the Diocesan Website, and the Parish Website
  2. Special email created to receive all nominations
  3. Search Committee decides on cut-off date for nominations

November Notes on Phase Three of the Rector Search:  November14, 2018

The Search Committee is actively seeking nominations and applications for the position of rector at St. John’s.  We are also meeting regularly to review materials of candidates who have asked to be considered for the position and of potential candidates whose names have been submitted.  It is NOT necessary to ask a potential nominee if he or she would like to be considered – names may simply be submitted.

During this important time, we are particularly grateful for the prayerful support of the parish for the Search Committee, Vestry, and candidates who are in the discernment process with us.  Thank you.

Notes from the Second Town Hall Meeting:  October 14, 2018

Both the parish and the Search Committee enjoyed an hour together packed with good food, good news, and good discussion.  While those present enjoyed a breakfast brunch coordinated by Debbie Freeburg, Father Dean opened with prayer and then turned the meeting over to Thomas Robinson who presented highlights from the just completed Parish Profile.  After a short drumroll, the arrow marking each phase of the search process was ceremoniously moved to the next step.  Lain Whitaker Ryder, chair of the Search Committee, led those present in a reading of the Church and Ministry portions of the Catechism followed by small group discussions and sharing of major take-aways.  Lesley Dillon, another member of the Committee, concluded the meeting with remarks about the importance of prayer in the search and asked for all those in the parish to be vigilant in their prayers in the process.

The Church and Ministry portion of the Catechism, (L. Whitaker Ryder)
The Importance of Prayer in the Search Process, (L. Dillon)

Phase Two - Complete

Self Study

  1. Search Committee creates questionnaire (vestry approves)
  2. Parish is canvassed
  3. Results compiled and integrated into Parish Profile
  4. Vestry and Diocese approve Parish Profile
  5. Parish Profile published and presented to parish at special parish meeting
  6. Search Committee consults with Vestry to obtain compensation package elements
  7. Register with National Church for future OTM (Office of Transitional Ministry) notification
  8. Advertisements of position

Phase One - Complete

Getting Started

  1. Rector departs and Interim Rector begins
  2. Vestry meets with Diocesan Canon for overview
  3. Vestry selects members of Search Committee and Transition Committee
  4. Search Committee meets with Diocesan Canon
  5. Committee Roles assigned
  6. Create prayer for parish to pray during process
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