If You're a Visitor

This page is for a deeper look at how Saint John's thinks about the Christian journey, and steps to find your path for newcomers and anyone else interested. For first time visit information, please head to the visitor page under SERVICES.

Beginner's Guide to Sunday Services at STJ

This short card can be found in the pews each week, but we've also uploaded it for those who like to get a head start ;)

It explains things in the order they happen: where to look, what to say, etc. Enjoy! 

Finding Your Way to God

At Saint John's, we believe that God is seeking each of us, and he is constantly reaching out for us to join him. You don't have look under a rock or around the corner to find God. Rather, you need to find a quiet space where you can be still and listen to God's voice. Even this simple opening of yourself is prayer. Listen to a brief word from our retired Deacon Emma Connolly about God reaching out to us in our weakness and fear.


These suggestions offer an entry point into an ongoing journey of spiritual growth and maturity and are not sequential.  You should feel free to start where you feel called. Whether your first step is to attend a worship service, explore your Bible, begin fasting, or take on a centering prayer/meditation practice, God is ready to meet you where you are.

We encourage you to follow the links above to explore the parts of this process and find the best place for you to start. You are also invited to schedule time for a discussion with a member of the clergy to help you get started (or re-started). Use the contact info on our staff page.

If you're looking for more about Christian Education, Children's Ministry, or outreach opportunities for you and your family, please use the links on the left side of this page to get started.

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