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Our Vision of Youth Ministry at Saint John's

We believe our young people need to live as part of our whole church community rather than separate from it. Teens who develop meaningful relationships with adults in church other than their parents are far more likely to participate in church as an active adult than those who are walled off from "adult" church. We encourage purposeful, participatory intergenerational life in Christian community, so the youth of our church are welcomed as full participants in our services, at any of our classes or Christian Formation offerings, fellowship dinners, retreat weekends, etc. 

This doesn't mean we don't have fun together or have offerings targeted at the social, emotional, and spiritual development of our teens. We offer a teens Sunday School, service and mission work, and weekly Episcopal youth community activities. Read more below.

Sunday School

Each week we share in Christian formation in Sunday School. Sunday School lessons are a mixture of spiritual formation, practical theology, and life applications. These classes are at 9:15 on Sunday mornings in the Youth Room on the second floor of the Parish Life Center.  We ask that church members sign up to bring breakfast food and beverages to the teens each week!  Contact miranda [at] stjohnsmemphis [dot] org to become part of that ministry.


The Acolytes allow our teens to be a part of the overall fabric of the worship life at Saint John's. This is for 6th-12th graders. To become part of the Acolytes please contact the church office at 901-323-8597.

EYC Events

EYC stands for Episcopal Youth Community. Every Sunday afternoon or evening we get together for a fellowship event. These are a great way for our teens to get to know each other and to bring friends.  Click here for a full list of the Fall 2018 EYC calendar.

Diocesan Events

Several times during the year we will join other teens in the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee for several events. Sometimes these events are for spiritual formation while others are just for fun. These events connect them with other teens from throughout the Diocese and includes them in a broader Christian community.


Happening is a spiritual formation retreat for 10th-12th graders. For some, it offers a powerful spiritual experience; for others, it is a great way to share in fellowship and love with their peers from across West Tennessee. The Diocese holds two of these events each year. Saint John’s has a long history in participation and leadership in this event.


In effort to promote fellowship among families of Children's Ministry, Pre-YC will offer a time of fellowship for St. John's children in a variety of venues and events. Some of these include: service at the Humane Society of Memphis, adopt a Grandparent program, Jumping World, Polaroid scavenger hunt, bowling, Memphis Rox, Seize the Clay, and pool parties. If you are willing to help host and supervise these events, or have suggestions, please email Allison: allison [at] stjohnsmemphis [dot] org.

Family Events

So many times church becomes a place that splits families apart instead of bringing them together. At Saint John’s we do our best to involve parents in all activities, and plan events specifically for entire families. Things like the Super Bowl Party, Family Worship Events and a Family Retreat are specifically planned to bring our families closer together in serving in the Kingdom.

Summer Missions

Each summer we will be taking part in a Summer Mission Trip. This will be a way to introduce our students to their mission, give them a chance to explore their spiritual gifts, and introduce them to a world beyond their realm of experience.

In 2017 and 2018 we had an in-town Mission in Memphis where we visited day and night shelters, community gardens, and served meals. Contact miranda [at] stjohnsmemphis [dot] org for more info.

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