April 4, 2018 - Letter from the Vestry to the Parish

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Saint John’s is a rich place:  richness of God’s love, richness as community of faith, richness in opportunities for spiritual growth.   It is also a place with richness in the talent of our people!   We give God thanks and praise for that. The Vestry was exceedingly fortunate to have for consideration a large number of very talented folks. 

There were two very important processes needed to get us on our new and exciting journey with our new rector: the search for our next rector and the welcoming and transitioning of our new rector into the life of our parish and community.  To that end, we have prayerfully created two teams to do this vitally important work:  the Rector Search Committee and the Transition Committee.  

The Rector Search Committee

The Rector Search Committee will consider candidates for the position and make a recommendation of a candidate for the Vestry to vote on and make a call to a ministry here.   It is necessary that the search committee process be completely confidential, but we will get periodic general updates on the committee’s progress.   The Search Committee members are:

Don Austin
Dee Bradley
Lain Whitaker Ryder
Will Pierce
Cindi Marshall
Lesley Dillon
Kimberly Tayloe
Thomas Robinson
Paul Gillespie

They will be meeting this week, will elect a chairperson for their team and get to work on the process of finding us a rector. Their process will take time, prayer, wisdom and discernment and they will need our prayers.  We give God thanks for their willingness to take on this responsibility!


The Transition Committee

The Transition Team will assist the new rector and family transition to life at Saint John’s.  From welcoming them and planning ways to help them get settled in and in sync here in at Saint John’s Memphis, the heavy lifting by the transition team will kick in once the search committee has completed their task.  In the meantime they will be planning and organizing their ideas to help our new rector and family get to know us, and we them.

The Transition Committee members are: 

Oscar Adams and Courtney McAlister, co chairs
Gina Hanissian
Reg Udouj
Sarah Thornton
Phillip Freeburg
Jim Shepherd
Dorothy Burke
Lucy Blackwell
Joel E. Smith
Hugh Mallory
Lawrence Cowart
Caroline Smith 
Oscar Menzer

The Vestry has prayed and met and then met and prayed and we believe the result are two committees whose members possess- by God’s Grace-  the talents and abilities to succeed in this vital and holy work.  Please keep the members of these Committees in your regular prayers.

May God the Holy Spirit guide and guard our search and transition, 


The Saint John’s Vestry

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