March 31, 2018

To the Rector Search Committee of Saint John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis, Tennessee:

The Vestry of Saint John’s Episcopal Church hereby gives the following charge to the Rector Search Committee, that in doing its work that its members:

In all aspects of the search process be cognizant of, and guided by God the Holy Spirit.

Spend appropriate time initially together in prayer and preparation in order to build a level of trust among members of the committee.

Develop a prayer for wisdom and discernment for the search to be used by the committee, the Vestry and the Parish.

Elect a chairperson for the Search Committee. We recommend a chairperson with skills to manage the process, organize meetings, set up teams and subcommittees as needed, have familiarity and experience in parish leadership, facilitate communication between the committee, Vestry and parish and facilitate consensus making in all aspects of the search committee’s search vision and process.  

Work with the Diocese during the entire search process, and to abide by the Canons of the Diocese of West TN and the National Church.

Comply with Diocesan Canons concerning approval by the Bishop of any candidate recommended by the committee to the Vestry.

Be regular in attending all scheduled committee meetings and conscientious in accomplishing assigned tasks between meetings.

Maintain strict confidentiality regarding all work of the committee.

Work with the Vestry in preparing a parish profile.

Provide the Vestry and congregation with regular status reports as to the work and progress of the committee, but maintaining confidentiality.

To recommend for the Vestry's consideration and decision  a candidate to call as the next Rector of St. John's Parish.  Further, if appropriate and desired by the Search Committee, it is acceptable to the Vestry to provide to the Vestry a candidate as an alternate agreeable option.  

The following should guide the committee in its consideration of candidates and recommendation to the Vestry to be called as our next Rector:

  • A person of a deep abiding faith, and doctrinal and theological soundness as proclaimed in the Nicene Creed;    
  • Focusing on the proven ways of growing relationship between God and the body of Christ found in our community of faith how such candidate is able to provide, encourage and guide our community in this growth through preaching, teaching and leadership and spiritual direction;
  • A person with an understanding and appreciation of the hearts and needs of all age groups, including children and youth;
  • A person interested in and able to provide and guide pastoral care; 
  • A person with appreciation of Saint John’s long tradition of liturgical worship.
  • A person skilled in teaching and preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Be prayerful, open minded, deliberate and thorough in the review of all prospective candidates.

God the Holy Spirit guard and guide your process.


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