Eucharist, with Prayers for Healing. Wednesdays 12:10pm

Each week a small group gathers in the Lady Chapel at midday to pray for our own needs and those of others. The prayers for healing include a blessing with oil (anointing) by the priest.

This midweek service can fit right into your lunch time. It's an intimate 45 minute experience when we pray together for healing the mind and body from pain loss, and addiction. What do you have to gain?

Prayers for Healing at Sunday 10:30am Service

During our midmorning service each Sunday, a priest offers anointing with oil and prayers for healing for individuals while communion is happening. If you are taking communion, you can come before or after to the Lady Chapel (right side, pictured above). If you are not taking communion, you can go directly to the chapel at any time during the communion. 

If you've never tried it, each person kneels at the chapel altar rail one at a time and expresses their needs to the priest who will anoint your forehead with holy oil and pray with you. It only takes a minute on the clock (chronos), but there's plenty of God's time (kairos).

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