What I do with all I have after I say, "I believe."

The Tithe (10%) is the norm for Christian giving, offered in gratitude for God’s blessings and to further God’s work in the world. The Tithe has grown from its roots in Judaism, the teaching of the Church, and in almost two milennia of the Christian experience. But many people are not comfortable starting there.

Proportional Giving and Percentage Giving

Proportional giving is offering to God in a committed and faithful manner a portion of what God has given us. It also considers how much we give to the church in proportion to our other expenses, like memberships, travel, leisure, etc. Another option, giving a percentage of our income, helps deepen our awareness of the abundance of God’s love. Additionally, it helps us realize that we have control over our money, not the other way around.

Why pledge?

Saint John's continues to function because of members and friends who pledge their financial support for the parish’s annual operating budget. The pledges ensure that the mission and ministries of the parish are funded, enable the ongoing growth of our common life, and ensure clergy and staff are paid and the building, organ and physical space are maintained. And practically speaking, pledges enable the Vestry to make responsible use of the resources offered to this parish for God’s work by preparing a realistic budget based on pledged income.

Every pledge matters, no matter how large or small. God rejoices in all gifts, just as he rejoices in all people. Sometimes a major change of circumstance compels a pledger to decrease—or increase—his or her pledge, and there is no dishonor in altering that commitment. 

How to pledge

To make a pledge of support to the parish’s overall budget, email Penny with your name and desired amount(pennyv [at] stjohnsmemphis [dot] org).

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